Newcomers to Aikido

May 6, 2013 in Allgemein by Aikido Dojo Südstern

Aikido… An intelligent martial art!Aikido Dojo Südstern Berlin Kreuzberg
We welcome you to three trial classes!

Training at Aikido Dojo Südstern
Our dojo has everything one needs to train: 180 m2 of mat space in a room with high ceilings and without any columns, two separate changing rooms, toilets, and a comfortable lounge.
Six days weekly we offer beginner classes, either in the afternoon or evening. Twice weekly we offer morning classes. Newcomers are welcome anytime to visit all the classes!

Who can practice Aikido?Aikido Dojo Südstern Berlin Kreuzberg
Aikido can be practiced by anyone – with or without previous training experience, whether or not athletically talented. Shared by everyone on the mat is a motivation to learn an intelligent martial art and thereby both to discover a bodily sensibility and to develop an attentive mind.

What I need to practice Aikido?
For starters, comfortable sportswear will suffice. Later you can acquire a Judo suit (Aikidogi).

How is aikido instructed?
Training sessions begin with warmup exercises, after which various techniques are practiced with different partners. The teacher demonstrates an exercise, the student watches and afterwards repeats the technique until he or she has internalized the movement.

The Aikido studentAikido Dojo Südstern Berlin Kreuzberg
Each beginner starts with the grade of 6th Kyu. After roughly four months he or she can take the 5th Kyu test. Further tests follow at longer intervals. With the grade of 2nd Kyu, the student is entitled to wear the Hakama. (This is the traditional Japanese culottes, a divided and pleated skirt).
Precise study of the basis techniques is very important. As in every martial disciple, these can only be acquired through regular practice. Finding the correct position, distance and angle in relation to one’s partner, is essential for protecting one’s space. In Aikido this is referred to as centering oneself on one’s partner. As soon as one is ‘centered‘ in this sense, one has found a good point of departure for reacting to any attack. With the various exercises each student takes on the alternating roles of attacker (Uke) and defender (Tori).