Aikido Berlin Kreuzberg Dojo am Südstern

The dojo (training hall) is a place for personal development and social engagement. The dojo atmosphere is one of calm and concentration, ease and mutual respect. Thoughts bound up in one’s everyday are left unattended ‘outside’ and attention is focused on training. The dojo is a place to which one comes for regeneration.

At the center of the Aikido Dojo Südstern is the 180  m2 training mat, which allows for training comfortably and safely, even during well-attended classes. The seven meter high cupola ceiling and many windows create an unusual, spacious atmosphere and provide abundant fresh air.

Next to the separate changing rooms for men and women we’ve installed a place where you can hang up your Aikido suit until the next training. Aikido Berlin Kreuzberg Dojo am SüdsternOur comfortable lounge offers an opportunity to come together after training and to enjoy conversation with others.