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Learn in a good atmosphere about an dynamic and precise style of Aikido, one which equally challenges mind and body. The ideal of our training is the perfect movement – without thereby forgetting the idea of Aikido as a martial art.

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Jean-Marie Milleville, 6th Dan (Aikikai Tokyo), is passionate about teaching. He personally instructs each class at every level and responds eagerly to individual questions. Whenever a student encounters a problem, Jean-Marie seeks to provide a logical explanation for the student to make better sense of the given technique and improve at its application.

In this way Jean-Marie can help you to appreciate what Aikido is about. You can make rapid progress while learning step-by-step and develop your feel for the movement. The clear method of instruction helps insure that you better understand and not merely automatically ‘rehearse’ the movements.


Aikido movements are based on the natural forms of the circle and spiral. These forms of movement enable us to redirect the force of an attack and to render it non-injurious. We learn to respond to an attack not by blocking it, but rather by using and redirecting the attacker’s energy with an suitable movement.

The style of our Aikido is dynamic, its movements are fluid and elegant.


In order to destabilise the partner at the right moment, one need be very attentive in applying the technique. The search for the perfect movement demands precision in the smallest gesture.

Accordingly, not only are complete techniques shown in class, but also partial movements are explained and practiced. This allows for quickly correcting mistakes in the movement.

The right touch

Understanding our style of Aikido requires further developing our physical sensibility. The aim is to develop a healthy bodily posture, which allows us to react to the partner’s attack both powerfully and flexibly. Moreover, we train the faculty of perception for entering bodily communication with sensitivity and quick reactivity.

Our Aikido offers a way to respond to attacks, without losing one’s sense of balance.


In Aikido one’s mind is alert and always attentive to immediate situations. Without rejecting or fearing our partner, we react to what he or she offers, learning at the right moment to reach a clear decision. Subsequently, each Aikido technique entails the training of one’s concentration and self-confidence.

Our Aikido style is not only a martial art, but also a system for developing oneself.

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