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Kenjutsu 剣術, sword technique, is an ancient Japanese art of samurai sword fighting.

It is trained with a bokken 木剣 (wooden sword) or a fukuro shinai 袋竹刀 (bamboo sword covered with leather).

Kenjutsu training sharpens physical presence and determination, mental concentration and a sense of mindfulness.
The sword techniques are mainly taught through the repetition and intensive acquisition of katas.

Katas are fixed sequences of attack and defence, similar to a choreography. They consist of different techniques of attack, protection and defence. Each kata develops a specific point in learning Kenjutsu, such as:

• the right distance to the partner
• an straight posture
• a stable posture
• a good judgement of the situation and the movement of the partner

In addition, we train the way of determination and strengthen our self-confidence. We learn without being afraid.
The katas require great concentration and precision, as each technique is realised with absolute control of the sword. Even with very slowly executed katas, there must be concentration, intensity and energy.

We learn to remain calm and alert without aggression and in this way cultivate a quiet strength!
When performing the katas, we train to exert different levels of psychological and physical pressure on our opponent according to the situation that arises.


The posture in Kenjutsu.
The back is straight, the shoulders remain relaxed, the arms loose. We are centred in ourselves and focused on the partner. The cuts of the sword are executed powerfully and resolutely, the movements are fluid.


In our dojo we practice Kenjutsu 剣術, in the style of Kashima Shinryu 鹿島神流, an ancient traditional Japanese martial art, which focuses on sword techniques (kenjutsu). Our training is mainly in the form of katas.


Kenjutsu training: Tuesday 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. / Thursday 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.




Kenjutsu solo training / Shomen Uchi, Kesa Geri, Tzuki, exercice for concentration and improving your cutting precision and 5 katas Kashima Shinryu.


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