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You’re seeking a new dojo in Berlin, where you can further develop your Aikido?
We offer morning or evening classes for advanced students everyday except Saturday. Current training schedule

At Aikido Dojo Südstern, you can take three free trial classes. With three trial classes, you can get to know our aikido style, our teaching concept and our dojo.


Advanced (basic techniques – dynamic):
In the hours “basic techniques – dynamic” the basic techniques are learned in a dynamic form, that is, in a movement that is fluid and also dependent upon the pace of the attack. You develop a feeling for your own space and learn to protect this.

Advanced (intensive – variations):
With further progress the training becomes freer and more dynamic. In the hours “advanced intensive – variations” the basic forms are varied, and work with multiple attacks is taught.

At this stage you can more and more free yourself from the outer form of the techniques and execute them according to your own sense.

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