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The Aikido Dojo Südstern offers three different training levels for children:
• Grupe I  (ages 5 – 7 )
• Grupe II (ages 8 – 12 )
• Youth  (ages 13 – 15)

At Aikido Dojo Südstern, your child can take three free trial classes. With three trial classes, your child can get to know our aikido style, our teaching concept and our dojo.

Children want to romp, scuffle and try things out by testing their bodies. For this the city offers limited possibilities. And children are not only becoming heavier, but also more and more unsatisfied. We offer your children the time and space for lending their natural impulses to move a form that is healthy and good fun. For Aikido is superbly suitable for children.

The Aikido Dojo Südstern has developed through years-long experience a teaching method that introduces to children the movements and principles of this gentle but effective martial art. With regular training children become more familiar with their body and develop a sense for both self-control and for a social quality which is nowadays no longer self-evident: respect for others.he Aikido training helps in a playful way to tank up energy or to release steam. But it also nourishes the capacities of coordination and concentration, and improves unhealthy body postures.

At the center of the Aikido Dojo Südstern is the big mat space (without columns!). This offers an ideal space for intensive and safe training, but also for play and fun. Children have enough room to expend their excess energy.

You can find our current training schedule here. Current training schedule



Group I (ages 5 – 7)
The aim if instruction at this group-level is to allow the children to become more familiar with their own body and with its various possibilities for movement. This class also develops the coordination for different movements and strengthens the child’s sense of balance. In this way the child’s energy can be channeled constructively.

Teaching program:
• simple warmup exercises
• pedagogical exercises for physical development
• safe landing techniques
• simple Aikido techniques


Group II (ages 8 – 12)
In this group the emphasis lies with improving the children’s physical skills and coordination. The learning of still more specific Aikido techniques is given greater space and the idea of self-defense is incorporated into the training. Furthermore, a sense of self-confidence and of mutual respect is taught.

Teaching program:
• warmup exercises and fitness training
• safe landing techniques
• exercises for physical development
• basic Aikido techniques


Adolescents (ages 13 – 15)
The teens now become acquainted with the diversity of Aikido techniques and practice effectively protecting themselves with defined body positions and with safe landing techniques. The gentle art and the philosophy of Aikido helps the children to work with and incorporate the possibilities for resolving conflicts on a peaceful basis.

Teaching program:
• warmup exercises and fitness training
• safe landing techniques
• further exercises for bodily development
• learning of basic Aikido techniques
• sword training


Children and Youth Coach:
Jean-Marie Milleville, 6 th Dan Aikikai, Tokyo

Jean-Marie is a passionate trainer, he is teacher children for 20 years.
For more information about Jean-Marie please click here Children and Youth Coach

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