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Welcome to our dojo!

We teach Aikido 合気道 and Kenjutsu 剣術 at a professional level.

The leader of our dojo, Jean-Marie Milleville 6th Dan, is a passionate trainer who has been teaching in Berlin for over 20 years.
Jean-Marie leads almost all classes with the adults, and also trains the children and teenagers.

It is possible to train every day of the week.
Aikido is an intelligent form of self-defence – and also offers a method of developing one’s own personality,
to gain self-confidence and balance.
The Aikido Dojo Südstern offers 3 different training levels for children.

Group I (5 – 7 years) | Group II (8 – 12 years) | Youth (13 – 15 years)

Children want to romp, jump and try out their physical abilities. We offer your children the space and time to channel their natural urge to move into a healthy form that is also great fun. Because Aikido is excellent for children.

Aikido training helps to refuel or let off steam in a playful way – but it also promotes coordination and concentration skills.
Here you can sign up for a test lesson.

Your Aikido Dojo Südstern

Please book each lesson via the registration calendar on the website.


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